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Something Just Ain't Right Stage Play

Something Just Ain't Right, stage play is based on a story about forgiveness, unconditional love, and resilence.  When  Mrs. Weatherly finds out that she along with other wives are being deceived by a troubled seductress, she faces a difficult decision to forgive the unforgiveable and persuade the other spouses to take the same path. 

 "This World Could Be Yours " Stage Production

This World Could Be Yours, a stage play written and directed by Allison Sanders is an inspiring and comedic play that centers around the protagonist, Christie.  Christie is a virtuous lady who has unsuspecting visitors whose main mission is to distract her, deceive, take her focus away from her new found peaceful life, and even bully her. But in the end, she overcomes all obstacles of temptations.

"Help is on the Way!" Stage Play
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