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Rachel Just Be

Rachel is angry because the usher wouldn't give her a seat in the front where she always sit.  Although she is late, she gets everyone told because she feels she's treated unfairly.  Rachel and a spirt of bad attitude are hanging out together when a lady in need of spiritual counseling comes along.

New Year Productions was contracted for the writing of a church play/character/performance for the Just Be agenda.  Rachel confesses Christianity, yet lack charity.  She is accompanied by an evil spirit that guides her behavior.

Rachel Just Be pt2

Will Rachel do the right thing and help a depressed

lady or will she leave her high and dry?

Rachel Just Be pt3

Will Rachel do the right thing and keep her commitment

or will she squirm her way out so she will not have to do

a task she feels is beneath her?

Rachel Just Be pt4

Will Rachel allow the Word to change her or will she remain satisfied with the way she lives?  Will she get rid of her old mindset, behavior, and speech, and

make a bold declaration to not only speak and read the Word, but become the Word daily?

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