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The Cute & Cozy Theatre features a platform of small plays performed in a comfortable, quaint, yet COZY venue.  The theatre will be entertaining, edgy, exciting and be a reflection of real life's stage.
                   Welcome to New Year Productions Website!
New Year Productions Corporation is a company that presents live, enlightening entertainment for the community.  We were established in 2011 with our first stage hit, "Help is on the Way".  We perform large stage productions, as well as small stage plays.  Thankyou for visiting our site.  Stay tuned to see what we're doing, where we're going, and who we're entertaining.


Soul Mates Miniseries Season 1

Soul Mates Miniseries is a series of love tales revealing the desires of the heart and condition of the soul amidst the quest to search, and sustain the love one finds in a Soul Mate.

ZlenZ Media


Zlenz Media is working in cooperation with New Year Productions Corporation to provide visualization services enabling product development.  Together, we will deliver our message clearly and connect with our audience in a dynamic way.



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